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Hand And Wrist Fractures

Distal Radius Fractures

Hand And Wrist Fractures

Common hand and wrist fractures include metacarpal or boxer’s fractures and scaphoid fractures. Fractures of the distal radius, or wrist fractures, are the most common injuries, and frequently result from a high-impact incident, sports injury or a fall.

Symptoms of Hand and Wrist Fractures

A broken wrist or broken hand might be indicated by the following signs and symptoms:
  • Severe pain that might worsen when gripping, squeezing or moving the hand or wrist
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Bruising
  • Bent wrist or crooked finger
  • Stiffness or inability to move the fingers or thumb
  • Numbness in the hand or fingers
If you think you might have a broken wrist or hand, contact our office immediately. Dr. Sammer will perform a thorough examination to determine the extent of the damage, and will recommend the appropriate course of action. Broken bones in the hands and wrist need to be evaluated quickly and set properly in order to restore full range of motion upon healing. A delay in diagnosis and treatment can lead to poor healing, decreased range of motion and decreased grip strength. Many hand and wrist fractures are treated non-operatively with a cast or splint, but some do require surgery. Dr. Sammer treats fractures from the fingertips to the distal forearm, including finger fractures, hand and wrist fractures, and distal radius or ulna fractures. When surgery is required, treatment may involve the use of pins, plates or screws to stabilize the fracture and allow it to heal in the correct position, to maximize post-fracture functioning.

Dr. Sammer’s Approach to Hand and Wrist Fractures

Dr. Douglas Sammer is board-certified and fellowship-trained, which distinguishes his training and credentials from many other doctors. He has advanced knowledge of hand, finger, wrist, and elbow plastic surgery, and utilizes the most advanced treatment techniques available today. A consultation and physical examination can help point a way to the best approach to dealing with your specific Hand and Wrist Fractures.