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Trigger Finger


Trigger Finger

What is Trigger Finger?

The tendons that bend the fingers glide easily with the help of pulleys. These pulleys hold the tendons close to the bone, similar to how a line is held on a fishing rod. Trigger finger occurs when the pulley becomes too thick, so the tendon cannot glide easily through it, resulting in a catching or locking of the finger or thumb joint.

Symptoms of Trigger Finger

Symptoms include pain and tenderness over the base of the finger. Patients may wake up with a finger stuck in the flex position.

Treatment for Trigger Finger

Most cases of trigger finger can first be treated with a steroid injection. This usually starts to work in 4-6 days, but it may take up to one month to fully resolve the issue.

Surgical Treatment for Trigger Finger

Trigger Finger Release surgery may be warranted if a steroid injection and other non-invasive options fail to resolve the problem. This procedure releases the inflamed and irritated tendon that causes trigger finger. Patients experience restoration of smooth finger or thumb movement, and a resolution of the associated pain.

Dr. Sammer’s Approach to Trigger Finger Release Surgery

Dr. Douglas Sammer is board-certified and fellowship-trained, which distinguishes his training and credentials from many other doctors. He has advanced knowledge of hand, finger, wrist, and elbow plastic surgery, and utilizes the most advanced treatment techniques available today. A consultation and physical examination can help point a way to the best approach to dealing with your specific Trigger Finger Release surgery.